6 Rules on How to Negotiate a Used Car Price

Thursday, January 7th, 2016 - Tips

You cannot just spend your money on a used car without negotiate first with the dealers or private sellers and therefore how to negotiate a used car price is the first thing you need to know when you want to get the best deal. Get some pictures before you talk with the dealer to buy used car, in fact the possibility prices which you are going to pay is somewhere between your opening bid (price tag based on what the dealer paid) and competing bids which you can get from used car buying sites or other local dealers.

How to Negotiate a Used Car Price?

How to Negotiate a Used Car Price

If you think that you are suck in the middle of some negotiation then you need to follow these several rules:

  1. Find as much as information about the used car which you want to purchase such as check competing bids on many websites and read the list of reliable used car and less reliable used car to find out about which car is the best for you. Knowledge is the power when you do bargaining with the dealers. Basically, the salesperson has more knowledge than you, so they can trick you easily. So, you cannot walk into the dealership with no information at all, it is the first rule in how to negotiate a used car price with cash or loan.
  2. Do not buy too soon, you need to walk around dealer and keep thorough look plus do not say anything too much especially about your budget or how much you want to spend. It means that you are not going to buy the car today and show the dealer that you plan to purchase a car, but not now. This will lead you to get best negotiation later.
  3. Purchase a car that has at least 2 years old of usage, why? Well, first if you prefer to buy used car that is two years old then it still new enough and does not have lot of problem. Second, usually the car prices will drop about 45 percent to 55 percent after two years from its original price tags.
  4. How to negotiate a used car price by estimate the price in your local area. Find the market value also, so you can already get reference during negotiation. There is lots of dependable websites which provide that information which you can check. After you complete these steps then you are ready to talk with the salespersons.
  5. Asking if you want to figure out how much the salesperson is willing to sell their car to you, so you will know how to offer later. This also will works so well on tips about how to negotiate a used car price with private seller. You can ask a simple question to private sellers such as how much cash that you need for today or to dealers and private sellers such as would you be flexible on offered price. These simple words will give some hints for you to get fair negotiation.
  6. Before buy the car, do not forget to inspect it and find the car history. Last but not least, do not attach yourself with one car. You need to brave enough to walk away if the deal does not satisfy you.

That’s several tips about how to negotiate a used car price which hopefully very useful for those who ready to purchase used car with the best deal.