5 Best Electric Cars Under $10,000 for 2017

Friday, July 22nd, 2016 - Cars Under 10000

Many people start being interested in using an electric car and here they are the best electric cars under $10,000 that can be purchased. Electric cars are really popular these days due to its electrical energy that are delivered by some batteries that can be recharged anytime. If you try looking for some good electric cars that can fit your budget, the answers are in the following.

1. GEM NEV ($6,795)

GEM NEV Electric Cars

One electric car that can capture our hearts with its simple look is NEV by GEM which indeed looks like a golf cart. Although it does not seem like other electric cars with a more luxurious appearance, but the performance of NEV is still trustworthy and great with 25 MPH as its top speed and 35 miles range. It is one of the best answers to go for whenever you feel like riding an eco-style vehicle to cruise around your country; this is an electric car that might be meant for you, especially with the low price as we also know that GEM’s cars will always be priced thousands less if compared to other similar cars.

2. Mitsubishi i-MiEV ($6,130)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Electric Cars

For you who want to get the cheapest electric car, this car is cool enough because this electric car can actually accommodate up to four adults and if you try hard, you will get this car in much lower cost. Besides its price that is included affordable, when parking the car, it will be easier for the drivers and this car is even lively in town. This car is included in the most energy-efficient vehicles with the fact that its rating is 112 MPGe combined or 126/99 MPGe. If you look inside, it is really functional even though its appearance is too plain.

3. KAR GT ($9,995)

It is almost impossible to get an electric car that has the best performance and styling just in $10k or even under this budget, but KAR GT is hopefully able to consider because this is equipped by batteries with 40 kWh and it has also been claimed to reach 150 miles of range. A 100 kW/134 HP electric motor can propel this car’s design along with 221 pound-feet of torque. There is another option to go for, a sportier model with the more expensive price which is around $14k.

4. Zap Xebra ($8,500)

Zap Xebra Electric Cars

This car is reliable with its three wheels and it becomes one of the most favorite electric cars even if there are some reports saying that it is not really that favored by the government. The price is actually over than $10k but if you are lucky enough, you can get it more affordable than what you have imagined. Your local laws should be checked previously before you go purchasing this car.

5. ZENN NEV ($9,995)

ZENN NEV Electric Cars

The last recommended electric car is ZENN NEV that is possible to cost over $10k but you can get this car much cheaper in some places. With 25 MPH of top speed and 35 miles of range, this car is definitely a good choice. It is different from GEM’s because this one of the best electric cars under $10,000 is a bit cheaper than its competitors and more considerable as well.