Top 10 Used Cars for Under $500 for 2017

Sunday, April 24th, 2016 - Cars Under 5000

Average price for a brand new car is so expensive and that’s why many people prefer to buy second hand vehicles such as used cars under $500. If you have limited budget, you cannot get the latest cars, but these top ten best used cars can be considered for your daily ride to take you and your family everywhere, so check this out!

10 Best Used Cars Under $500

10. 1998 Ford Explorer ($350)

Cars Under $500

Coming in at only $350, this particular model is one that has become relatively sought after. They are sturdy, and will always allow you to handle your journey with ease – with that being said, the $350 price tag will more than likely mean it isn’t running. Even if it doesn’t start, Ford made this model with longevity in mind; that’s why it’s capable of withstanding the test of time so well. This 1998 Ford Explorer is good for either a novice, or even a veteran driver!

9. 1996 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro ($500)

1996 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro

You’re not going to be dealing with new models on this list, but at least you can say you still own an Audi! If you’re looking to find cheap cars for sale under $500, this is one of the better options to pick from. The 1996 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro offers a certain level of class; in which you wouldn’t usually see at this price mark. With that being said, it IS an old model; you won’t be making use of AUX cords and such. It’s a small burden to bear, as you’ll be able to go from point A to point B with relative ease. There’s a lot of Audi’s on the market, but they don’t always come this cheap (or ever, really).

8. 2004 Oldsmobile Alero ($500)

2004 Oldsmobile Alero

Oldsmobile is known for being the go-to “cheap car” of this century, which isn’t really a bad thing. It’s affordable, and they’re usually the best possible cars to work with when you need parts. If anything, it’s an awesome car to try and fix-up! Finding cheap cars for sale under $500 almost always means they’re going to be broken, such is life. That’s why using a car for parts is ideal in some cases.

7. 1986 Chevy Astro Convertible ($500)

1986 Chevy Astro Convertible

This is a very well-built piece of equipment, because Chevy knows what makes a great convertible (or did, rather). Not only that, but the look of this car is rather unique as well. It’s received a lot of high praise from many different sources, of which would include people that have personally used the vehicle for themselves. Chevy is known for producing some of the most reliable retro cars ever, which is why this one should be a good fit for most people. It’s reliable, built to last and will always be worth the money.

6. 1991 Volvo 240 (Damaged) ($500)

1991 Volvo 240

Like I said before, you’ve got to be ready to deal with some damage. Damaged cars are going to be in abundance when you’re looking to spend less than $500, that’s just the way she goes. This particular model offers up a lot of unique designing features, and it’s also one of the most reliable Volvo models that were ever produced. Regardless of the damage, it’s still a fixer-upper project that you could get incredibly excited about.

5. 1994 Subaru Legacy ($500)

1994 Subraru Legacy

All-wheel drive is what you’re looking at buying here, which is a feature that doesn’t usually come with $500 used cars! It’s a very reliable model that has been around for a decent amount of time, and you’ve probably even seen one on your local roads. They are bought because they’re affordable, yet offer a decent amount of reliability a well. What else could you ask for in cheap cars under $500? Subaru’s aren’t the most sought after brand, but they definitely produce some quality $500 cars.

4. 2000 Ford Focus ($500)

2000 Ford Focus

Ford Focus models are always going to be in the conversation, as they’ve become the most common staple of $500 cars. Now, with that being said, you’re not going to be getting a working one – that kind of stuff hops up to around $1,000 or so (at a minimum, and that’s for older models). It’s the newest car when it comes to this list though, so it will have much more modern features to make use of.

3. 1994 Ford Thunderbird ($500)

1994 Ford Thunderbird

The 1994 Ford Thunderbird SC Super Coupe is a car that a lot of people haven’t seen before, or even heard of – but it’s taking #3 on this list. Don’t let the bizarre name fool you! This car is the perfect fixer-upper for your first vehicle, or just a vehicle in general. It’s a solid option for cheap cars under $500, as it offers up all of the most prominent features you need in a vehicle. When you find it for this price, you’ll probably need to replace the transmission.

2. 1984 Pontiac Fiero ($500)

1984 Pontiac Fiero

There are a lot of $500 cars out there, but will they sport the engine within the middle compartment of your vehicle? Well, the Pontiac Fiero does that, and it’s relatively easy to find a used one for sale. The mid-engine look is a nice one, and something that you’ll probably never be able to find with this much ease. You’re saving a ton of money, and you won’t even have to purchase a Ferrari 458 to get a hold of your mid-aligned engine.

1. 1994 BMW 320i ($500)

1994 BMW 320i

That’s right, there’s actually a BMW of sorts on this list! Given, it’s a really old model – but that’s still reasonable. It looks really cool when you compare the design to that of a modern BMW, and can compare to the E30. It’s going to require some work, as will almost every other car on this list, but it’s a BMW! There aren’t a lot of cheap cars for sale under $500 (like this one, anyways). BMW’s aren’t usually associated with being affordable, but this model isn’t following that path – you won’t be getting a brand new car, mind you. That’s something to keep in mind, as BMW’s available at this price are almost always not capable of driving (at the time of purchase).