6 Ways To Sell A Car Fast Without Any Problem

Friday, September 16th, 2016 - Tips

There will be a time when you need to know how to sell a car, there are probably a lot of reasons on why you need to do that, but it is important to be able to sell your car with the right price. A car is an investment; that’s why not only you needed to know how to sell your own car but you also need to know how to buy a car. But first, today we would like to give some tips about how to sell a car fast.

6 Vital Steps on How to Sell a Car

How to Sell a Car?

1. Get as many information regarding your car

How to sell a car step number one is to find information about your car. The automobile market is always changing, what you need to do is to find whether your car is still viable in the current market or not. Cars which are currently not on demand will need to be priced at lower price point to attract demand, whereas a demanded car can be sold with higher price point.

If your car is a family sedan, then it might be easy for you to find an interested buyer because there are a lot of demands for that type of vehicle. For vans or mini trucks; especially those who are used for work, are also quite easy to sell due to constant demands. The type of cars which can be difficult to sell is sport cars and convertible. If you own this type of car, then you probably need to check the time when you want to sell your car, because nobody wants a convertible on fall or winter seasons. Collector cars can be easy or difficult to sell, easy if you can get the price right, but difficult if you get the price wrong, the demands will always be there but collector’s item usually cost a lot of money.

2. Find the right price point for your car

The second step on how to sell a car is to find how much pricey you want your car to be. You can find the information regarding the price of your car from the internet easily; the important thing is to price it competitively. Of course, the cheaper the price is, the more it attract interested party, but it not as easy as you think.

Giving the perfect price is a vital part on how to sell a car fast, give them something that is tempting; for example using $19,995 instead of $20,000, it might seem weird, but it can be attracting.

3. Get your car on its best possible shape

How to sell a car point three is to make your car as attracting as it can. You need to check the condition of your car first, check whether if its need repairs or something need to be changed. If you decided to put the car on maintenance first, at the end the price point would be higher, but if you left it as it is, then you need to price it lower; although it also makes attracting buyer a little bit more difficult, it is better to get all the repair done first.

Clean everything outside and inside of the car, make sure everything is perfectly clean. Check whether if your car needs to be repainted. In the end, if you are done with the repair, you want to get the official report, that report can be used to give a reassurance for the interested buying party that the car is now 100% ready to go.

An attractive car means more interested party, and more demands mean higher price point. This is important because the first impression that the car gives will determine whether it can be sold or not.

4. Advertise Your Car

The next step of how to sell a car is to advertise the car, without advertising no one will ever found out that you are selling your car. Fortunately in this modern era, advertising is pretty simple and options are everywhere. The cheapest way to advertise is probably using the internet, social media is a great first step to advertise your car, message boards of trusted and heavy message boards is also a great way.

You can also use the help of renowned and trusted trading website, there are a lot of them and they are free, what it takes is just a little bit of hard work.

After you decided where you want to advertise your car, now is the time to create the advertisement. Use something that can attract people, depending on the urgency, you can use something like “Must Sell Fast” or “Best Offer”, if you are not in a rush, you can put “firm” or “Non-negotiable”. Just be sure to mention your asking price.

After that, you need to show your car. This step is also a vital point on how to sell a car; you need to show the car in your advertisement. This step is more crucial if you are selling your car via internet purpose because you might invite an interested party who lives far away from where you are now. And it will be troublesome for them to travel a long way just to check whether the car is in good condition or not; especially if in the end they lost their interest.

Be sure to put the current picture of the car, as trust is the most important thing in trading, you want the buyer to trust you and you need to be able to trust the other party as well.

5. Negotiations

The final step of this how to sell a car tips is the price negotiations. Of course, if you put “non-negotiable” or “firm price” on your advertisement, you can ignore this point. Negotiations are guaranteed to happen 99% of the time, so you need to be prepare for this. It would be nice if you already have your lowest price point at this time because everyone will try to get the price as low as possible.

It also depends on the interested party, you need to be able to see whether they really interested or not, how interested they are can be seem on how they open the negotiation process. This might be too complicated to be described, so the important thing to remember is the more interested they are, the higher the tolerable price point is going to be.

6. Extra Step: Using a Third party

The third party in this situation is a dealership, how to sell a car at a dealership? Using this method of selling a car is the quickest way, it does not require a lot of work or it is hassling. But there is one point that you need to remember, you might not be able to sell your car at the price point that you are initially asking for.

One other important thing that you need to remember very carefully on how to sell a car to a dealer is that you have a little control over it. Especially if you leave the car at the dealership for a long time, the car will be tried by a lot of people, and in the end the condition will not be the same as it was initially; which means it will sell for lower price. So, how to counter this problem?

Trust is everything if you went for this method, if you want the best possible outcome; you need to first find a trusted dealership. This can be done via internet or asking your trusted acquaintance for their experience or opinion.


In the end, no matter what method that you choose, it is important to keep the car in the best shape and good advertising means good outcome. The difficulty that you will experience on how to sell a car depends on your own hard work.