Top 4 Used Smart Cars Under $3,000 for 2017

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 - Cars Under 5000

Top used smart cars under $3,000 with its small design maybe will be a good option for those who want to have vehicle. But, new and the latest smart cars have expensive prices and for those who have limited budget then you can still have this car by buying used one. Below we gather four different smart cars which you can consider to buy.

1. 2001 Smart City-Coupe Smart city 0.6 Pulse ($2,450)

Smart Cars Under $3,000

This 3-door hatchback has a good looking design with 0.6-engine and L3 cylinder can deliver more than 40 horsepower and 52 lb-ft of torque. In 18.9 seconds the car can accelerate up to 62 mph and it still can go with top speed about 84 mph or 135 km/h. Fuel consumption specifications is 38.6 mpg in city and 54.7 mpg in hwy. Due to its rear-wheel drive, smart city coupe has good control and stability. You should consider this mini car as one of used smart cars under 3,000 Dollars.

2. 2005 Smart Fortwo ($3,000)

2005 Smart Fortwo

You can get Smart Fortwo around $3,000 or if you want to try hard find the cheaper one then you can spend less than that. This is a 2-door smart car that supported by 0.8-litre diesel engine which produces 40 horsepower and matched with six-speed transmission. Fortwo also has several convenience features such as remote keyless entry, compact disc player, sunroof, power windows, and so on.

3. 2002 Smart Passion ($2200)

2002 Smart Passion

This is a sport coupe vehicle with 3 doors and you can try to search the one that less than $3,000. It also fun to drive, give you enjoy experience when driving. The cabin surprisingly gives more comfort for both driver and passenger. You can invest your money on Smart Passion and it will give you one of the best smart cars under 3,000 for sure.

4. 2003 Smart Pure ($1,400)

2003 Smart Pure Mercedes Benz

You can look for this 3-door hatchback smart car that offered around $1,400. And just like any other smart cars, Pure model also got nice exterior design with its cute and tiny body. Do not hesitate to purchase this vehicle since it also has a good engine and power train. You can enjoy driving this car in crowded city.

That’s 4 recommended used smart cars under $3,000 that you can consider to purchase, just find them at your local dealers and ask for further information regarding the price tags.