The Unique Appearance of FIAT 124 Sedan Cars

Sunday, July 30th, 2017 - Sedan Cars

FIAT 124 Sedan Cars – Unique always become word to express something which looks cute and different. Unique car is a car which has unique appearance that enchanted people. If you feel interested to find a car that has unique looks with the classic style then Fiat 124 sedan will be the best choice for you.

FIAT 124 Pictures

FIAT 124 Sedan Cars

FIAT 124 Sedan Cars

The car even closes to word antique which make the car become more valuable. The production of the car is started in 1966 up to 1974. The car which produced by FIAT which is stand for Fabrica Italiana Automobili Torino, one of Italian car manufacturers is classified as family car. So, this antique, classic, and unique four doors car is really perfect choice when you look for a family car.


Classic and antique car has it own uniqueness that makes people fall for the car. The same goes for FIAT 124 sedan car. Here are a few points what makes this car is really worthy to choose to be your car.

  1. The specification of the car.

This car will not fail to make you feel amaze with the specification which the car has. The length of the car which is 4,042 mm, the width of the car which is 1,625 mm, and the height which is 1,420 mm makes the car look slim but spacious inside. The curb weight which is only 855 up to 950 kg completed with 2,420 mm wheelbase makes the car look proportional which adds plus point.

  1. The obstinate of the car.

This car is replaced FIAT 1300 and 1500 also inspiring the next product like station wagon. The car which is introduced in 1966 with unique publicity won the European award with the title car of the year in 1967. This car can surface long journey and though zone because it has normal carburetion and though engine.

  1. The performance of the car.

This car used engines with variation capacities from 1.200 cc, 1.400 cc, up to 1.800 cc. The engine is OHV engine from FIAT which has good power. The performance of the car completed with 4-speed manual transmission.


The price of FIAT 124 sedan is really affordable which start from $ 3000 up to $ 7000. The car which designed by Oscar Montabone used all synchromesh gear box from the previous FIAT 1500 model. The car featured with advanced coil spring rear suspension, all wheels disc brake, lightweight construction and all-synchromesh gear box. See; new cars under $20,000